Kids Rooms: Home Decor

So I get to spend a lot of time in people’s homes. I am always blown away by how creative and intutitive people are about home decoration. Especially when it comes to decorating for kids. There are certain things that always blow me away. The use of non-traditional colors, for example. Let’s face it people, pink for girls and blue for boys doesn’t have to be the case!


Mostly I get drawn to artwork and the really great ideas people come up with for kid friendly stuff. I just love it when people put a fresh twist on artwork for kids rooms. My personal favorite is Mm for Mixtape! Ah, my fellow Generation Xers we all grew up spending too much time making awesome mix tapes. And come on who doesn’t LOVE polaroids, especially of mini race car drivers!


There is one thing that I do love to see and that is the use of items from when the parents were kids. Or even something that is a little bit whimsical and unexpected. I was drawn to these little collections of hanging boats in one little boys room. When I asked about them, I found out they were the dad’s from when he was a kid and his dad’s before. So there was a generational aspect to the room that was just beautiful.


I really like to see stuff that has a fantasy feel to it. In one house I saw these hotair balloons and thought what a great idea! What little kid doesn’t have a great imagination? Instantly I pictured a child taken into a fantasty dream world where he had adventures in his hotair balloon that took him everywhere and he got to learn about the world.


In one little girls room I was really impressed by the use of gutters. You heard me right, gutters. Painted and hung for bookshelves. What a novel idea. I really thought it was adorable. Across from the crib on the wall was a giant close pin and a single handmade dress hanging from it. What a stunning piece of art for a baby’s room.


Non traditional colors in a room are an absolute LOVE. This little girls room was done in yellows and grays. They used an animal theme, but it was done with artwork and a Monogram with an animal print. Just adorable!


One of my all time favorite finds was a crib mobile. It was literally a piece of art. Very soft and feminine for a little girls room, but in such a non traditional way. I just loved it!