Belize Part I: Hopkins Bay

A few years ago I set a couple of goals for myself, one being to travel more. Of course as a photographer traveling full time for photography would be ideal. There is just so much out there to see, do and capture. I think that life is meant to live and experience as much as possible. So off to Belize I went. I of course did some reading and planning before the trip. Enough to get an understanding and some wish list places to go, but mostly I just wanted to get lost and discover the local culture and landscape.

I arrived at the Belize International Airport. Caught a connecting puddle jumper flight into the Dangringa airport. Belize is, per capita, one of the most undeveloped countries as far as land developement goes. So my inner hippie outdoorsy self is singing about this environmental fact. All that raw untouched land was calling my name to see and explore. Flying over untouched land in a puddle jumper was breath taking! You are high enough to see lots but not too far away.

So I get settled into the hotel and know based on my map and the hotel workers, the town is about a mile walk. My first day there after long hours traveling, I just wanted to walk into town, get my bearings and get lost really.


Like any little town, there is the bustle of the normal day to day. Kids getting off to school, littler kids at home helping mom or playing, businesses opening and running. One thing I know about most small towns in the standard set up of: one school, one library, one church, one coffee shop, one community. Everyone seems to know eachother.


The other thing about little towns, is you can pretty much cover it in an afternoon. So I check out all the main stuff, zig zagging my way back and forth until I reached the far north end that opened back up to beach on the coast and dense jungle inland. So on my way back through town, I stray off the beaten path and walk the backroads. I need some new scenery. I discover the highway that leads out of town. I get my rental car a day or two later, so good to know.