Newborn Session: Baby Girl Bundle

People always tell me I have an incredible amount of patience to photograph newborns and kids. I don’t ever really think about it. Newborns are just so scrumptious, I get lost in them. Literally! Sometimes when I am prepping a shot, all the props are set up and I take the baby from mom to hold and comfort before setting in the pose, I get the opportunity to connect with this little person. Anyone who has held a newborn for five minutes, knows the little changing expressions that babies have. Time seems to stand still, while watching and waiting for the next expression. I can watch a baby forever! But I have a job to do, so I have to snap out of my little bonding moment and get some seriously beautiful images for mom and dad to remember their babies for years to come. Because we all know they don’t stay little for long! They are running around and talking in the blink of an eye. Baby girl Weiss was such a sweet little peanut to work with.


One of the things I love about doing a newborn session at the clients home is being able to use items in the baby’s room or in the home that will mean something more to the family. Crib shots are something I always think are really important. When the child grows up, gets a big kid bed, it’s nice to have captured the time in the family’s life when the crib was present and mom and dad were getting used to this new little addition to the family, no matter if first or fourth child.


The use of a favorite stuffed animal or gift from a loving family member are always incredibly important. Baby blankets that are hand made that end up being the one thing the child hangs onto and takes every where when they get older is a must use in my opinion. What is better than capturing an image of the baby on the soon to be binky that will get dragged outside later years and covered in mud or popsicles or colored on as the child grows but still has a connection to their favorite baby item.


Of course, what newborn session isn’t complete without some of the classic boutique baby shots. I have a few signature shots that I love to get. One is the baby in a basket. Not only is it incredibly comforting to the baby, as they are all snuggled into a warm cocoon of cushy blankets, but they have a timeless artistic quality to them.


Making timeless art from any session is always my goal. Clean but fresh is the approach I go for. One signature shot of my mine is the way I like to capture feet. The feet in focus in the foreground and the rest of the baby slightly out of focus in the background. The connection for me, was remembering when my nephew was born and seeing the inked mark of his feet on my brothers forearm. It was a visual connection of my brother, his son and him becoming a dad to me. When I am shooting this shot, it is always that connection that comes to mind. The feet alone just don’t make sense to me. It’s like this: the feet represent the connection of the whole baby, this whole little new person and the mark they make in the family.


Baby girl Weiss was no exception. When I was moving toward the boutique shots I knew mom wasn’t only getting more comfortable with me handling the baby but she knew I was creating timeless artistic shots of her little one. As far as newborns go, little one Weiss was a fantastic little model.