Designing a Business Brand: Tribalfare

One of my clients when starting her business asked for business consulting and design services. I was incredibly happy to work with her. We met when I did a family session for her and we instantly clicked personally. So when Ojas approached me months later for hiring me to do design services for her, I was excited. Tribalfare imports artisan items from India. So I built a brand for her that was rustic but still contemporary.

This is Ojas & Rajiv and their beautiful boys from the family photo session, how we first met. It was a great summer day!


The packaging and branding I do for my company is what sparked Ojas to contact me after she got her order of photo prints in the mail; it had my gift style packaging and hand written note on custom designed stationary. She called me and told me how much she loved my packaging and my brand.

She told me about the evolution of Tribalfare and how it became her passion and she wanted to really get her business going. It all started with me designing the logo, then designing the stickers for package branding, business cards and mini cards, and then completing a retail ecommerce website for her. It was a great project as I created and designed everything for the Tribalfare brand.

Here is a look at my design work:



I loved creating a map of India with pins showing the different regions where the items come from. It was a visual design piece Ojas loved right away, when I designed the concept. I thought it would be a great way to not only show people buying the one of a kind items where the items come from, but help people get a better feel for what the different regions of India produce.

As the items are one of a kind. I work with Ojas regularly to create and produce great images for displaying and selling the products online. Having professionally done images for selling products online can make a big difference for showcasing the items and help to keep customers coming back for more. The goal of any business is to grow!


Here is what Ojas had to say about her experience:

“Amy has had a multi functional role in the web presence of my business Tribalfare, LLC an online shop retailing handcrafted artisanal products from India.

From the very inception of the business- the logo design to the product photo shoots to the website design, Amy has contributed her design sense and attention to detail to grow the Tribalfare brand. She takes personal interest in the job at hand and is genuinely involved in taking it to the next level. It was a pleasure working with her on different projects. Highly recommend!”