Detroit Fiber Works: Local & International Artists

Recently I have started working with the owners of Detroit Fiber Works, Mandisa and Najma, two amazing women and amazing business owners. The first time I walked into their shop, it was like walking into a museum. The range of items they carry range not only in type but color and texture. The concept of their business is fiber items. However, they offer much more than only fiber based products, but also carry some beautiful jewlery made of unique combinations of materials from artists all over the world.
When I saw these metals cuffs, Detroit Cuffs, by a local Detroit Artist, I was blown away. What a great concept! I love maps (my dream of having a map room in my house may still happen one day!) and thought how awesome are these! They have maps of different sections of Detroit, featuring different landmarks, well known and locals only known.

After my Detroit Cuffs discovery I was taken in by the Eco Scarf collection. Such a range of fabrics, textures and patterns. Simply stunning. The softest of silks to the rawest of organic cottons. Beautiful. The kind of scarf you find that makes you feel beautifully unique and walk a little taller when wearing.


My discovery into the wonderful world of Detroit Fiber Works is just beginning. I will be photographing items for Mandisa and Najma ongoing for their website to help increase online traffic and online sales in addition to the featured artists they host monthly. Ladies, I strongly recommend stopping in and checking out all the gorgeous one of a kind items. Once they are gone, they are gone! Gentlemen, score some serious points with your lady and get her something uniquely beautiful as her.