Featured Family: Shea Family

I had the great pleasure of getting to meet Andrea Shea and work with her and her kids a couple of times this Fall. We first met for Valerie’s senior photos. She’s a beautiful, smart, outdoorsy girl, so I knew we were going to be able to have a little bit of fun with this session. Knowing they came to me for my style, aesthic and personality was a great compliment to hear and made the session collaboraitve for ideas and shots.


What I love about sessions like Valerie’s, are being able to be a little creative and do shots that are a little bit more unique. When I say Val is outdoorsy, I wasn’t kidding. She didn’t hesitate getting into the creek where I could shoot from up above on a bridge. One of my favorite shots was directing her into position where the canopy framed her. Of course I planned to take some shots she wasn’t aware of; asking her to walk back under the bridge I was able to grab a great shot of her.


It turns out that Val is also really into yoga. So why not? The girl’s got skill and I love that she didn’t hesitate to go into full poses on a bridge.


What I love about Senior Sessions is being able to really highlight that individual person. Bringing out what they are interested in and what makes them laugh, open up, have fun, and really show off what makes them who they are.


At the end of Val’s senior session, Andrea had mentioned working together again for their holiday cards. She was saying they always like to do something creative, a little different and fun. So I suggested doing the Beatles Album Cover for Abbey Road for her kids and a Bob Dylan Album Cover for her and her husband. She loved the idea! Not only did she LOVE the idea, they all got on board and dressed the part.

Here’s a rough edited proof:

Here’s a rough final image for the front of the holiday card:

After the session with all four kids, two of them decided they wanted to do more shots. Gotta love sister love!


What I loved about the two these girls together, is how creative, fun and lost they could get in the process. They were up for anything, any suggestions or crazy suggestions I through at them. It was a blast.

Working with Andrea was incredibly rewarding. Here is a person who not only loves what I do, but totally got on board with the concept and had a great time doing it.