Belize Part II: Hopkins Bay locals and homes

After my discovery of town and the straying off onto the backroads, I make my way through a little neighborhood and decide I want to wander back into town and just linger really. I had observed a couple little shops and businesses that I wanted to check out. I’m always on a mission for some local art. When I doubled back and found the school on my way.
I’m not really sure why, probably because I am a dog person and have always been a dog person, but I can’t help but to stop and take photos of dogs when I see them.
There were some pretty amazing artists in town. A woodworker, a shell sculpter, and a jack of all arts really: beads, wood, shells, and some local materials.

BelizePartII_0002 BelizePartII_0003

BelizePartII_0004 BelizePartII_0005 BelizePartII_0006

After checking out the town, stopping to talk to a few locals and just get my bearings, I start to head back. These two local guys were really nice and humored me for a portrait.


Quite possibly one of the oddest experiences was stopping at this seemingly obvious hippie bus. The lady was strange, had some random items for sale. Talked to me about a homemade lotion and proceeded to rub it on on my hand…it was odd and I thanked her for taking the time to talk with me and I just left. Let’s just say I don’t really think it was an actual store…