Girls will be Girls: Mirror Girly Session Mom and Daughter

When Aditi called me and wanted to do a mirror session with her daughter I was on board immediately! It is such a cute idea and always really fun to capture a child’s reaction whey they smile at you or themselves in a mirror. Leela has grown so much and fortunately I have been able to see her get big(ger). She is such a smiley, happy go lucky kid.

Girls will be Girls_0001.jpg
Girls will be Girls_0002.jpg
Girls will be Girls_0003.jpg
Girls will be Girls_0004.jpg

Aditi always takes advantage of being able to dress her little one up. But we were also able to get a little bit of a casual look as well. Normally, I wouldn’t use pieces from my personal collection, but I knew this mirror I got in Egypt would be a good option for a more rustic, simple, casual option.

Girls will be Girls_0014.jpg
Girls will be Girls_0015.jpg

And why not the kitchen rug? These were actually shots that were at the end, we were wrapping up and Leela just kept playing on the mirror I placed on the rug as we were cleaning up….Good thing I hadn’t put my camera away yet! These are some of my favorites from the session.

Girls will be Girls_0012.jpg
Girls will be Girls_0013.jpg

But the session had to get a little more girly, right?? What is more adorable then a girl playing dress up in her mom’s heels? Leela pointing to her mom’s colorful polish in the sexy peep toes Aditi is wearing….watch out mom, she might need a show closet when she gets older!

Girls will be Girls_0008.jpg
Girls will be Girls_0009.jpg
Girls will be Girls_0010.jpg
Girls will be Girls_0011.jpg

Apparently, Leela’s love isn’t just limited to fancy adult lady shoes…she also really loves books. This little kids Ganesh book was graphically AMAZING….like I want one for me! Plus it made her really happy to read/play with it. Look at this sweet little face.

Girls will be Girls_0005.jpg
Girls will be Girls_0006.jpg
Girls will be Girls_0007.jpg

Aditi has really become a friend over the last couple of years. Working with her and shooting her kids, has let us get to know eachother pretty well and I know I am there for key moments in her family’s life. She has such beautiful, happy kids and she is a really great person I am happy to have gotten to know. Thanks Aditi for letting me be a part of your life and sharing your family with me.