Fall Family Portraits: Featured Families

One of the greatest things about Michigan is the Fall. It is a great time for family photos. A lot of my clients come to me for fall photos for holiday cards, holiday gift prints or just to update their family portraits. This year in particular I had a lot of families that I had worked with in previous years, so I am featuring some of them this in blog. As a photographer it is extremely rewarding to work with families from year to year. Not only do I get to capture the family at that stage, but I get to see the kids grow up, change and become their own little people, chaulk full of personality!

The Ellsworth family is dynamic and so fun and they have a little girl that loves bugs! LOVED her stopping and grabbing bugs, crickets, caterpillers, anything she came across during the session. It was just so adorable, she was a girl after my own heart. She is still the sweet girly girl, but so active and curious about nature now. Girls that love science ROCK!


It was a year of changes. Lots of people moved. Some new additions to families. But the tradition of family portraits lived on!

The Vazquez family moved into a new home. So we did the session at their new homestead! Such a sweet and loving family. It was obvious the kids were loving their new home, complete with tree swing, I don’t even think they are missing the old basement play room!


The LaRose family also moved into a new home. So we did their session at the community park, they can see out their windows. Such a tight knit and lovingly close family. I was fortunate enough to do the Bouncing Baby pacakge I offer with the twins (newborn, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year sessions – baby’s first year). It is so great to see the little boys the twins have grown into. Gotta love boys that are all boy! Mom you are outnumbered in your home 😉


The Spearman family moved cross town. So we did their session at a local park in their new community. Such a fun and easy going family! They had a somewhat recent addition to the family so it was great to see the two kids getting older, sillier, and so playful. The Spearman’s are always a fun group!


The Kelly family also moved cross town. With a (somewhat) recent addition to the family they needed a bigger place. They used to be neighbors of mine…I was so sad to see them go! (No more popping over to hang out for Woodward cruise parties!!) But LOVE their new home. So we did their session in their new homestead! Kathy – still gonna try and talk you into joining my golf league girl!! 😉


So what a great start to my Fall season with so many families that continue to work with me every year or about every year. Thank you The Ellsworth Family, The Vazquez Family, The LaRose Family, The Spearman Family and The Kelly Family for continuing to work with me and sharing your families with me. You all have some pretty amazing kids and families!!

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