Tasteful Whimsy for Holiday Table Settings Part I: Cranbrook House Holiday Tables Charity Event

Every year the holidays seem to come earlier and earlier. The holidays are right around the corner and with it comes all kinds of thinking and creative planning for home. The dinner table for most of us is the epicenter for all holiday activities. The food, the decorations, the conversations, the time spent with family and friends. Every year the Cranbrook house hosts a Holiday Table Charity event. Holly, the owner of the Italian Dish in downtown Birmingham, was a previous exhibitor displaying her impeccable taste and style with a twist of whimiscal comfort.
< img src=”Stomped!/HolidayTableSettings_0002.jpg” alt=”HolidayTableSettings_0002.jpg” title=”HolidayTableSettings_0002.jpg” >


One of my favorite things about Holly’s holiday table was the hot coco tray. Not only was I in love with the simple warm pull up a chair and have a cup in front of the fire feeling I got, but everyone else seemed to too. Everyone that was there when I was photographing (trying not to be a distraction to everyone attending and looking at the displays) was stopping, pointing and even taking pictures of the hot chocolate tray idea of Holly’s. I kept hearing comments like: what a great idea, I’m going to do one of those this year, I just love that. I couldn’t help but smile hearing all the gushing over a simple concept done so tastefully well that warmed everyone’s heart. Holly is an artist.
It didn’t take long before people started asking me questions about the display (here I am behind the ropes with latters and equipment bags to capture this for Holly) and about The Italian Dish. Well it’s a good thing I knew a little bit about Holly’s store and what she does so I could be an appropriate ambassador for The Italian Dish that day!

I was fortunate enough to be able to photograph multiple displays that day. The second Holiday table display was done by Castle Rock Landscaping. I know what you are thinking, how can landscape guys pull off home decorating? But they did and very well with a non-traditional color palette and elements coupled with traditional settings and pieces.

I was really impressed with the little attention to details the guys were able to combine with the overall room and table.
So who knew that a couple of guys who work outside for most of the year would have such great taste and be able to put together a room that would compete with most designers. Personally, my favorite was the little jester chair topper.

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